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Another Day in Paradise

Dawn starts overcast but soon clears as another beautiful fall day begins in the Northern Willamette Valley – it’s time, again, to harvest more fruit from our estate vineyard on Parrett Mountain. Today, Saturday October 11, we are picking Chardonnay and a small “Mother Block” of Pinot Noir.

The Chardonnay, Dijon 76 clone, looks beautiful in the morning light.

Evan and Paco load almost perfect fruit into the bins. Very little sorting will be required for this fruit.

Next, we turn our attention to the “Mother Block”. This is a small block of Dijon 115 Pinot Noir originally planted in 1996. These vines are own rooted and non-irrigated.

An absolutely perfect day, warm and sunny.

We all smile as we see how gorgeous the Pinot looks – not much sorting needed on this fruit either!

We’ve still got lot’s more fruit to harvest, let’s hope the weather continues to cooperate. More to follow.