The Pinot Noir harvest is in!

Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir

October 1, 2008.
The weather has taken a turn for the worse, predictions are for 4 days of rain with a probable accumulation of 2″ or more. On Wednesday, October 1 we decided to harvest the Pinot Noir.
The fruit looks superb. ETS lab results report brix at 23.6 degrees, with a TA of .78g/100ml and a pH of 3.23. Not quite the numbers we’ve seen in the past few vintages (excluding a very wet 2007, of course) but very promising none the less.
Although I was filled with anxiety (what if it does’nt rain and it could hang a few more days!), Buddy Beck, owner of Advanced Vineyard Systems, our vineyard management company reminded me that it’s been a strange year (slow, cold spring) and that I am lucky indeed to have fruit at this level of maturity.
We walked the vineyard prior to harvest, the grapes are softening, the seeds are brown and nutty in flavor, the flesh has all but dissolved. Physiologically, the grapes have matured and are ready to pick. Pick we shall!

One response to “The Pinot Noir harvest is in!

  1. You always get nervous and it always turn out just great! Love you dad and miss you!!!

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